Unbox is a custom packaging company catering towards customers in need of a personalised packaging service. It is based in India and has been delivering products to the end users for more than 3 years. The website depicts the products, services and information about the firm.


1 member


2 months


Pen & Pencil, Illustrator, Invision & Photoshop, HTML/CSS


Design, Prototyping and User Research

Design Process


We started off with basic goal identification task for the website. We discussed questions like : Who is this site for? , What do they expect to find or do there? , Is this website’s primary aim to inform or to sell? etc.

We created a vision diagram for the website which helped manage the information architecture of the website.

Ideation Session

Information Architecture

We created an information architecture map for the website based on the importance of content. This helped us understand the various relationships between different pages and content elements

Flow Diagram

Target Audience

The product caters to individuals interested in customizing packaging for products or gifts they want to present. The target audience for this type of service in India are people from ages of 18-45 years old including students and working people.

The target audience also includes Corporate entities who would like to have special give away packages for thier products as a promotional event.

  1. Age group between 18-45 - Primary Stakeholders
  2. Age group between 45-70 - Secondary Stakeholders
  3. Corporate Entities



Riya is a software developer from India. She is a DIY kind of person who likes to make things of different kinds like jewelery, artifacts among others. She is going to make a cool artifact for her husband as a birthday present. But she also wants a complimentary packaging box to present in, which could be customizable.



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