Research Papers

Soda Fountain- User Experience and User Preference

(Qualitative Study Paper)

The primary goal of this study was to explore the Soda fountain use. The various factors to be explored were the complexity of the machine, how easy it is to use it in the first go and the interface design of the touch screen. I divided the participants into two categories. One who used the soda fountain every day and the other who use it sometimes or have not used it at all. I interviewed a total of ten participants. Seven were male and three were female. The basic goal was to find out the user experience while using the soda fountain.

Smart Phone – 21st Century Addiction

(Research Proposition Paper)

Smartphones are an integral part of almost all people today. With the growth of internet, the smartphones have gained a very important place in user’s life. Smartphones include navigation, socializing, internet surfing, gaming and last but not least making calls too. Does the user abuse their devices? People use their phones constantly. Are all the notifications significant to the user? Are users addicted to their phones and the apps in it and cannot live without them? A survey is being proposed to explore users experience and opinion in this matter.

User Based Wearable Computer Preferences

(Research Survey Paper)

I explored the preferences of users if they would like to use a wearable computer in their everyday routine. In this qualitative and survey-based study I explored age and gender to examine if respondents across multiple age groups and genders give different reasons for liking or disliking the use of wearable computers. Overall, I found that respondents across multiple age groups and genders provided some different reasons for liking and disliking the wearable computer use. The paper discusses the differences that I observed and the limitations of this study with additional ideas for future research in the area.