Athome- Home automation system ties home appliances and electrical fixtures together so they perform as one unified system with the help of an intuitive user-interface. The aim of this project is to address challenges like complex interface, security and inflexibility by designing an intuitive user-interface. The Athome system will be able to control multiple devices, with one touch of a button from the screen of the device.


4 members


2 months


Pen & Pencil, Illustrator, Invision & Photoshop


Design, Prototyping and User Research

Design Process


We started off with the concept design of the product. Brainstorming the functionalities, identifying the target audience and various other challenges like security and complex interface and how we would go about it.

We proceeded to work on the designed plan and started doing interviews to figure out the mental model of the end-users and thier needs and expectations from the product.

Ideation Session

Contextual Inquiries

We interviewed 12 participants. Some of the participants were interviewed individually by the team members, while other interviews were conducted in a group of two.

We interviewed participants aged between 23 and 65 years from varied occupations ranging from graduate student to a marketing manager .

Contextual Inquiry Questions


We generated about 244 affinity notes for the atomic diagram which were initially grouped according to the participants but were later regrouped according to their affinity.

We categorized our audience in 5 primary groups i.e. tech savvy group, a group for whom comfort is important, a group for whom security is important, a group who wants the interface to be really simple and the last group who would want the master control of the system (requires different profiles).



Personas and Scenarios

Persona 1

Persona 2

Persona 3

Persona 4

Persona 5

Flow Diagram

Lo-fi Prototypes

Hi-fi Prototypes

In-Vision Prototype

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