Accoutre is a mobile application for dressing, that is aimed at providing suggestions and allowing its users to pick out clothes, either - (i) based on the current weather outside, or the weather throughout the day, or/and (ii) based on an occasion or an event that they are to attend, such as a party, wedding, interview, sports activity, and so on, scheduled on their calendar or in their e-mails.


1 members


2 months


Pen & Pencil, Illustrator, Invision & Photoshop


Design, Prototyping and User Research

Design Process


I started off with brainstorming the concept design for the project. Discussing the target audience, identifying the goals for the app and creating a vision diagram.

Ideation Session

Contextual Inquiries

Conducted contextual inquiries for 12 participants in total. The interviews were conducted via video calls, or in person. I interviewed both male and female participants, between the ages of 20 to 60+ years, and who owned a smartphone. To ensure that the data collected from our contextual inquiries came from a relatively diverse set of end users, I interviewed participants who were located at different geographical regions, with varying climates and weather conditions. The interviews also provided with different scenarios for the type of occasions or events that the participants were most likely to attend or dress for.



Gathered important information about the factors influencing the daily routine of picking out clothes for the participants. Most users used a weather application on their smartphones to check the weather, and then proceeded with selecting their clothes.

Based on the information gathered, I have generated the various study models, and have consolidated the findings into an affinity diagram, and a consolidated sequence model.



Persona & Scenario

According to the data collected in the contextual inquiries and research I have created the persona and the problem and design scenario.


Problem Scenario

Each morning, Jenny wakes up and checks the calendar application and e-mail notifications on her phone. She then takes a shower, and randomly picks out clothes to wear to work. Since her office is 10 minutes away from her home, she usually walks to work. One day, on her way to work, it started to pour suddenly. Because Jenny was not prepared for the rain, and did not have a raincoat or an umbrella with her, her clothes and bag got completely drenched.

Design Scenario

Ever since Jenny started using the Accoutre app, she wakes up each morning and checks the app, along with other notifications on her phone. She then takes a shower, and wears the clothes suggested by the Accoutre app, based on the current weather outside, and/or an occasion or event she must attend, like a boarding meeting or a party. The app helps her pick out the appropriate outfit each time.

Problem Scenario

Design Scenario

Flow Diagram

Initial Sketches

Lo-fi Wireframes

Hi-fi Visual Prototypes