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Sangram is a UX Designer by day and an overthinker by night. (He likes to talk in the third person. The first and the second person think that it is hilarious and a bit pompous but they rarely say anything. He thinks they are jealous of him) He is an Electronic Engineer(?) turned design student. Currently, fumbling through the hurried conundrum of New-York while t(c)rying to be a good User Experience designer. When he is not being a goofball, he likes to complicate his life for a living so that he can try and uncomplicate it with some good design solutions.
An implusive person and a compulsive procrastinator, he fuels his day grind with coffee, distractions and discourses. Enjoy's puns, sarcasm, satire and healthy silences. A couch warmer, generally the quietest soul in the room but can magically turn into a ninja when hurt. Often found in the corner of the room, huddled under a blanket gulping down ice-cream while overthinking about overthinking. A masters student straying halfway across the world from home. Loves grumbling about grad life woes everybit as much as loving it. We would get along if you are a bit awkward, tell jokes that people walk away from and dont understand life at all.
Oh, and is horrible at writing a bio.

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